2015 Romantic Prom Hairstyle

Hi my beautitul friends! :  This video is a accord with the admirable Sona from Simply Sona. We anticipation it would be fun to accord you guys some beard and architecture tutorials that would be absolute for prom. Enjoy!

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Loose Waves Hair Tutorial 2015 2016

Loose After-effects are my admired because they attending like your beard is artlessly so calmly appealing and tousled. It’s array of an art to accomplish your beard attending not apish back it comes to crimper hair. The aftermost affair you demand is brawl attractive curls back you are aloof activity to assignment or school. Hehe!

In this beard tutorial I appearance you a new bouncing address that’s fast, accessible and able at creating apart appealing waves. I’m cutting my Ombre Blonde fashionte Beard extensions to add thickness, breadth and awesomeness to my hair.

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Spiral Braid : (The New 3 Strand Braid)

It’s time for a new braiding technique. Are you guys ready? This complect is so simple and accessible to actualize that I anticipate it is a abundant another for the approved three fiber braid. The added day I was arena with my beard (yes, I still comedy with my hair. All the time, haha!) and I anticipation of this braiding technique. I alarm this complect The New 3 Fiber Complect or “The Circling Braid”, because it looks array of like a spiral. For breadth and thickness.

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How To Make Your Curls Last Longer: 5 Tips 2015 .

Oh how we adulation those beautiful, flawless, animated curls. But you apperceive what’s alike better? Beautiful, flawless, animated curls that aftermost all day.

Today we’re administration our favourite tips and tricks with you in adjustment to accomplish your curls aftermost longer!

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