60+ Latest African Apparel for Traditional Wedding Dresses 2016 2017

This collection is a mix of African and Mexican which is inspired by the colors and embroidery dominant in most traditional mexican fabrics, now this collection merges the African print (Ankara) with the Mexican color palette to create an Afro-design synergy. This collection boost of bleached raw linen, white linen and patterned linen all constructed into a fine textured apparel.

Incorporating the traditional Ankara print into this pieces gives off a dramatic and rich appearance. this collection boosts of elegant styled linen palazzo, the finest chiffon that’s made into a very playful and fun romper(jumpsuit). See the collection and be inspire

Ankara & Lace latest fashion for ladies is comprises of different kinds of styles from skirt & blouse, jump suite, lovely evening long gowns, pencil skirt, ball gowns and so on . Ankara styles has been around right from on set, and there’s lot of different ways to sow it.

Lace in the other hand you can use lace of any kind to sow any style that suite your need most importantly style that defined your fashion sense! also you can use accessories that complement what you are wearing. we have seen all these styles in many ways. Ankara and lace style will continue to be number one occasional outfit.

Lovelies see amazing style that can make you look stunning, vibrant, elegant and classy whenever you rock modern Ankara fashion forward style.