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Best 20 Style for Floral Eyeliner

Best Floral Eyeliner, Makeup artists on Instagram have been picking spring flowers and — instead of putting them in a vase — gluing the blossoms onto their faces. The floral eye makeup look is gorgeous and all, but it’s not without its problems. Take those of us with allergies, who would definitely prefer scrolling through pictures of the trend than risk adhering an attack-inducing bloom within a hundred mile radius of our eyes. Luckily, PopSugar called attention to a less sneezy alternative: floral eyeliner. No pollen is involved in the process of creating this botanical look.

Floral Eyeliner

Instead, makeup artists are drawing flowers along their lash lines. With the help of multi-colored liquid liners, it’s almost like there are teeny tiny gardens growing on the artists’ lids.

Floral Eyeliner

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