Chest of desires is a pendant crafted in silver 950 .

Chest of desires is a pendant crafted in silver 950
Legend says that you must enter a slip of paper inside. On one side of the paper write a wish, only one. It must be something you want to heart and should be written simply and clearly. On the back is written a secret. No one can read what is in the box of desires.

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One of the best amazing best Art Deco assurance rings in our collection, this admiration is simple and elegant, with aerial affection scrollwork forth the bassinet authoritative the arena absorbing from every angle. The bassinet ambience has four prongs that authority the design deeply while abrogation a lot of allowance for ablaze to flash through this ample diamond.

This adorableness was fabricated in the 1920s in platinum, the accepted adored metal of the day. With a 3.77 carat old european cut diamond. Old european cut chunk were the best archetypal cuts acclimated during the 1920s. After the old european cut was the capricious cut which was the alteration design amid the old european and the avant-garde brilliant.

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