Newest Myanmar Traditional Dresses for Wedding Day 2016

In Myanmar society, a husband and wife can announce their marriage simply by letting people from seven houses on either side of the wedded couple’s house know about it. While some couples do start their married life like that, most people – and brides especially – usually want to celebrate their wedding ceremony grandly among their community. This requires much preparation, and the bridegroom-to-be will need to be strong if he wants to keep up with his bride-to-be, who will likely want to be involved in every little detail before the big ceremony. At the same time, a host of other people will be making decisions and working to ensure a happy start to wedded life: Parents, elders, officials, monks, astrologers and even spirits each have important roles to play in traditional Myanmar weddings.


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Modern Myanmar Traditional Wedding Show 2016 2017

Myanmar Traditional Wedding Dresses have been worn for weddings but mostly by the bridal party . If you attend weddings on a regular, you will notice the new love for Myanmar Dresses by the guests. It is a must have at the moment and there are so many gorgeous styles to choose from.

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Latest Myanmar Fashion Traditional Dress Patterns

Are you excited ?! This totally explains how the weekend starts off soon after work and of course, get in the mood to flaunt your pretty styles!

Mix and match is the order of the weekend! Get on your creative side and match Myanmar Fashion fabric with plain fabric or lace for special effects. Never forget to accessorize with a lovely smile dolls!! See style inspiration for you!

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Supermodels & Fashion Show for Myanmar Fashion 2016

Supermodels & Fashion Show for Myanmar Fashion 2016 WAI Gems & Jewellery 1st Anniversary Appearance Show was abundantly captivated at the Novotel Yangon Max Hotel in Yangon. Myanmar acclaimed supermodels and all-embracing models displayed the latest sparkling & comfortable Jewellery of WAI Gems at this appearance event. Photos by Wai Yan

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