Zodwa Wabantu’s homophobic Moja Love remarks, Strong condemnation from DStv

Zodwa Wabantu’s homophobic Moja Love remarks, Strong condemnation from DStv, Cape Town – MultiChoice is strongly condemning and distancing itself from the controversial reality TV star Zodwa Wabantu, amidst growing calls for Zodwa Banatu: Uncensored to be cancelled.

A growing number of DStv subscribers and organisations have been calling for MultiChoice to cancel Zodwa Wabantu: Uncensored following the entertainer’s “homophobic” remarks in Saturday’s pre-recorded episode.

Calls to can the Moja Love show comes alongside a growing online petition with thousands of signatures at Change.org and complaints that have been laid with the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa (BCCSA).

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Morning sickness of the pregnant woman, a good indicator of your child

The pregnant woman is disturbed by the problem of pregnancy nausea, which makes her have to stay at home, not to go out for long, to avoid the symptoms associated with it, and may lead to nausea sometimes lose weight, it reduces the desire to eat a lot of foods during this difficult period, It reduces its weight, which is an inevitable risk to fetal health. Research published in The Journal of Pediatrics demonstrated that nausea that occurs during pregnancy is a great sign of a high IQ in children. Besides, the higher the intensity of nausea is, the higher the predicted intelligence of the child will be. The study involved 121 women that became pregnant between 1998 and 2003, and the children’s IQ levels were analyzed when they were between three and seven years old.

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Dutch Artists Decorate the buildings in amazing shapes

While many street artists select abandoned buildings and old train tracks as their canvases for their explosive masterpieces, Jan Is De Man, a Dutch street artist, decides to go another route, realizing lively works for local communities that want to connect. He aims to create projects ‘where everyone can identify themselves’ by asking for the involvement of the residents’ who commission him. The artist’s newest gift to a neighborhood was a whimsical tri-level trompe l’oeil mural bookcase on an apartment building in Utrecht, Netherlands. Jan Is De Man was aided by fellow street artist Deef Feed who had worked on a few other murals with him and is the co-owner of their tattoo shop “Blackbook Tattoos” in the center of Utrecht.

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