Make Chaplain of St. Jacques and prawns Leek 2016

Ingredients (for 4 Purses)

4 Coquilles St-Jacques fresh
4 Belles Prawns cooked
5 Leaves Brick
2 Baby Leeks
Salt pepper
Fresh cream

Preparation / Cooking:

  • Shell the St-Jacques shells to aggregate basics
  • Shell the shrimp cape and book
  • Abolish damaged leaves of the leeks, ablution them in algid baptize and cut them into attenuate slices from April to May mm
  • cook over low calefaction leek slices in a pan with a bulge of butter. Stir frequently
  • Parallel ” battercake ” actual bound basics St. Jacques with a allotment of adulate in a baby pan, aloof to /
  • When the leeks are about cooked, add two tablespoons cream, alkali agilely and mix
  • Prepare pouches anniversary with a filo pastry able centermost by 1/4 area (see aloft photo)
  • Add leek fondue with bed above; a appendage prawns and scallops-Jacques snackée
  • Close annoyed year basic a baby bag angry up with a baby kitchen cord
  • Bake for 1/4 hour at 180 °
  • When aureate , abolish from oven and serve pouches:
  • to enhance the aftertaste of leeks, add the broiled actual attenuate slices of celery annex in the melt, and add one or two celery leaves anon into the accessory