DIY : Writing In a Modern and Beautiful Clothes T-shirt 2016

today here you have got the tutorial, step by step, to understand a way to do your own message crop high. i am already thinking of latest crop high styles for this summer; i am going to show you if I finally select creating them. The tutorial i’m explaining to you these days is not troublesome however it takes time, thus you have got to be terribly patient once doing it. square measure you ready? simply follow the steps!
Fold the T-shirt vertically during a 0.5 and cut it straight as you prefer, relying however cropped you wish it. Take into consideration that the border of the T-shirt curls a trifle once it’s cut.

In a skinny card (I used a box of cereal) draw the message and cut it intent on produce the templet. Stick the templet to the T- shirt with the adhesive tape. within the highest place another card or newspaper to guard the opposite facet of the garment from the paint. Use the colour paint you prefer (I mixed some navy, brown and white), gently press the sponge over the templet to color the message. Leave it dry for concerning AN hour so take away the adhesive tape and templet.

Iron the message to repair the paint to the material with the warmth. And now, we tend to arrive to the step wherever there is the requirement of patience: stitching all the eads to the border of the letters. Use double thread so as to secure the items to the material. Once all the borders square measure full of beads, that is it: you’ve got finished.

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