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INZURI CO & Brands Bag 2018

INZURI CO & Brands Bag 2018, Many African designers are dispatch up their bold and authoritative affection and affluence appearance pieces and accessories. Check out these photos from Inzuri Co’s accumulating The appearance characterization is new to the bold and these pieces are from its premiere collection. The African endemic cast makes fashionable men and women luggage, as able-bodied as accessories. And it boast’s of “combining avant-garde aesthetics with African craftsmanship.” According to the brand, the name INZURI, is a Swahili word, and it agency beautiful or acceptable looking.

INZURI CO & Brands Bag 2018

INZURI Weekender bag is for assorted your assorted types of biking and circadian needs. It has adjustable catch handles to acquiesce access or abatement them for your comfort. In addition, it comes with an alternative accept band to acquiesce accord you altered options to backpack your bag.

See added photos of the brand’s pieces below.

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