Latest Agbada Styles and Designs for Men & Women 2016

assurance you are adequate your day. Gone are the canicule that Agbada styles are carefully beat by men. Agbada has been redefined and can be rocked by ladies too. Agbada is mostly beat by the Yorubas and can be rocked in a altered way.
Are you because the appearance to sew for your abutting event? Do you demand to sew article altered from what you acclimated to sew? Then you should accede our unisex agbada styles for your abutting event…

Whoever said agbada‘s were meant for alone men? Here are some agbada’s styles for ladies, get inspired.

You should agenda this, agbada’s are not aloof for men, in actuality we women bedrock the accoutrements with a lot added style. No, we are not aggressive with the guys but i’m appealing abiding we would win if we were because agitation the agbada is one of the coolest things a adult can do, abnormally with on-point shoes.