Morning sickness of the pregnant woman, a good indicator of your child

The pregnant woman is disturbed by the problem of pregnancy nausea, which makes her have to stay at home, not to go out for long, to avoid the symptoms associated with it, and may lead to nausea sometimes lose weight, it reduces the desire to eat a lot of foods during this difficult period, It reduces its weight, which is an inevitable risk to fetal health. Research published in The Journal of Pediatrics demonstrated that nausea that occurs during pregnancy is a great sign of a high IQ in children. Besides, the higher the intensity of nausea is, the higher the predicted intelligence of the child will be. The study involved 121 women that became pregnant between 1998 and 2003, and the children’s IQ levels were analyzed when they were between three and seven years old.

Other studies, like one published in the JAMA Internal Medicine journal, revealed that morning sickness during pregnancy is a good sign, since it is related to a lower rate of miscarriage. This means that morning sickness has a protective function, as it means that hormone levels are high enough to maintain the pregnancy. However, that’s is the first time it’s been revealed that nausea indicates that children will be brilliant when they are born.

Morning sickness isn’t pleasant at all, but knowing that it has this meaning and value makes us look at it differently. The kids of mothers that had morning sickness scored higher on IQ tests than those whose mothers did not suffer from nausea during their pregnancies. The thing is that the human chorionic gonadotropin increase (GCH), the possible explanation of why you have that annoying morning sickness, creates an ideal environment for the placenta and better neuronal development in children.

This study encourages women who suffer from morning sickness between the first week to somewhere between week 14-16, which is when they begin to feel the next set of symptoms of pregnancy like drowsiness, fatigue, and swelling. But knowing that nausea has such an upside gives more strength to the women who suffer from it.