New Sock Dog Tutorial For 2016

New Sock Dog Tutorial For 2016 :

Step 1
To begin get yourself a sock. i prefer the approach that these argyl socks look on the puppy however it very will be any kind

Step 2
Then cut the thusck like so…

Step 3
The portion to the left is that the legs, the center is that the body and head and therefore the right is that the tail and ears.
Take the center section, flip within out, and gather and stitch the correct most aspect closed (the non-stripey aspect during this photo).

Step 4
Notice however the heel of the initial sock goes to be the forehead of our puppy. Stuff with filling. as a result of i am victimisation fibre fill and that i don’t desire to form him too firm I softly sculpt the filling in my hands before I place it within him. this manner I will create 3 distinct balls, one for his nose, his forehead and his body. this is often necessary to a small degree later once we produce his neck.

Step 5
The easiest technique on behalf of me is to run some medium stitches all the approach around then pull to assemble and stitch some stitches across the gap to secure shut. Flip right approach around and secure on the larger button for the nose.

Step 6
Gather the bum finish closed victimisation identical technique as higher than. don’t be concerned an excessive amount of regarding activity your rough edges as we’ll sew his tail over this space later. Right! Thats the body done. Have a cup of tea and congratulate yourself on employment 0.5 done.

Step 7
When you are prepared, take the remaining bits from higher than and move appear as if this…

Step 8
Each of the rear legs and front legs is sunburst double. The tail is 2 items and therefore the ears square measure single items to indicate the shapes.

Step 9
Placing wrong sides along, sew on the surface of the tail feat very cheap open, flip right approach. (Note, tail will be created out of fleece too if prefer). Sew very cheap fringe of the tail round the gather of the bum of the puppy, activity the gather edges.

Step 10
Cut two items of corresponding fleece for ears. Taking a chunk of fleece and a chunk of sock- flip right sides along and stitch feat solely atiny low hole for turning right approach. flip right solution and stitch hole closed. Put aside.
Sew down the long sides of the rear and front legs to form tubes. Cut circles out of your fleece which will cap the ends of those tubes and stitch one onto every of the four legs. To sculpt back legs, fold “foot” up to “leg” section and sew v closed.

Step 11
In the picture, the yellow lines square measure brought along and stiched along and therefore the line is that the crease that’s sunburst into the leg.

Step 12
The picture shows the impact you are going for with the rear legs.
Take different body components and sew to body. Like so:

Step 13
To make the eyes cut a circle of felt slightly larger than your buttons and stitch behind the button once attaching. i prefer to place one or 2 stitches from the eyes to the ears to for good sculpt the forehead however i am undecided its fully necessary. At this time sew a row of medium stitches right round the neck and gather slightly to feature definition between the pinnacle and therefore the body.