The latest nail art we’re gaga is that the water marble manicure, that sounds like it’s for-the-pros solely however is really fully possible reception. the creator behind The Illustrated Nail, shares however she creates these swirly styles.

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Top 10 Winter Nail Art Ideas For 2016

Winter is looming and blooming each day. The mist and fog is enjoyed by every one of us. We like to take the stroll in the winter evening and attend get together parties with folks.

Make snowflakes, stars, ice cubes, glitters, stars, leopard patterns, Christmas tree and polka dots on your nails this winter season, I am sure they will suit you.

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10 Best Nail Arts for Party 2016

Today we provide you with 10 best nail design for parties. We are sure that you will not miss the post. The post will offer you some useful ideas to paint a party nail art. You can find what you want here and get your hands busy to practice your skills. Actually, when you paint these nail art we give you, you can change the color you love in order to match your party clothing.

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11 Awesome Nail Designs on Instagram 2016

If we have a tendency to point out the styling and planning of those best nail styles then you’ll have them within the symmetrical and additionally within the asymmetrical reasonably designs.Having them within the cross and additionally within the stripe appearance, having within the zodiac styling and additionally obtaining these nail styles within the variety of heart form styling- of these appearance can create your nails a lot of appealing.

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9 Best New Ideas of French Nail Art 2016

Girls square measure wish to play with colours. Nail painting is termed the nail art and it’s an enormous trend currently days that women should wear the nail art for any reasonably perform and event. women are mistreatment the accessories with nail art like stone, stickers, pearls, beads and rhinestones. Here we’ve a set of sizzling latest ideas of double French nail art tutorial. Let’s have a glance to those styles of French nail art tutorial like double tonic French nail art, systematic tutorial French nail art, sun glow double French nail art, sun flowers French tutorial nail art, zigzagging mate nail art, triple heart French tutorial nail art, finger French nail art with double tone, French twist tutorial nail art, stylish silver with silver French nail art

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