Summer shoes beautiful colors and the best designs from 2015 to 2016 .

Summer shoes beautiful colors and the best designs from 2015 to 2016 . Best design shoes designed by experts across the world , to choose the most attractive colors and splendor in the color and consistency . For the most beautiful summer concerts .

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26 Ways to Rock Negative Space Nails Summer 2015 – 2016 .

One of this year’s biggest runway trends was negative area nail art, that square measure manicures wherever your un-colored nail peeps through daring lacquers like cutouts in garments, and that we — in conjunction with each alternative minimalist vogue fan — fell arduous for the less-is-way-more look. From complicated cutouts to straightforward 0.5 moon-icures, the probabilities square measure endless to spruce up a basic paint job into strokes of genius. Keep scrolling for twenty six negative area nails appearance that square measure certain to get positive feedback!

  1. golden Mashup: initially look, it feels like a basic B&W, however a splash of silver amps up this stripy mani.
  2. Geometric Neutrals: begin with a neutral base mid-nail and layer on blocks of color. we tend to love this soothing palette.

  3. Dotted Digits: this can be handily the only mani of the cluster. Let’s simply say that we’ll ne’er underestimate the facility of one dot once more.

  4. Jewel-Toned Matte: Alternating chevrons in jewel tones with a matte high coat to feature texture — this royal look rules all.

  5. Slanted French Tip: For a French manicure with a twist, paint a slanted black line on the tip. For the ultimate bit, add your favorite midi rings into the mix!

  6. Jagged Jade: a bit like associate degree everyday V-neck tee, this earthy inexperienced shade appearance nice on everyone — and also the gold-fanged accents take this mani to subsequent level.

  7. Wave on Wave: Layer one coat of polish over all of your nails and use a dotting tool to make a crooked line down the nail by wiping away the cosmetics, revealing the nail bed. )

  8. Half-Moon French on French: say a ripple effect! This meta mani can have you ever seeing double if you stare at it long enough.

  9. Pastel Plaid: we’ve got a sense Cher Vladimir Horowitz would rock this colourful mani in a very heartbeat. assume it’s too robust to DIY? As if!

  10. skinny Set: a brilliant sleek fight the French manicure, get this whisper-thin style on your digits by rigorously outlining the tip of your nail.

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Easy Nail Designs ,Simple Nail Art Design Ideas 2016 .

When anyone mentions simple nail style, I invariably consider lines and dots or straightforward flower motifs. And they’re nice within the time of year, however I’m invariably craving for one thing totally different and original to bring you in my blogs.
Balenciaga, prizefighter Vuitton and Prada

Here ar some fantastic new nail styles that aren’t solely simple to try and do yourself, however they are available from prime beautician Jin-Soon-Choi. Jin will the terribly special nail styles worn by models World Health Organization seem in Prada, Balenciaga, and prizefighter Vuitton promoting campaigns.

In addition, Jin additionally works for Vogue magazine, thus these terrific two-tone nail styles ar the ultra-chic answer to difficult nail art for this season!

If you simply don’t have time for sophisticated nail styles, otherwise you need one thing with somewhat a lot of sophistication for the winter party season this year, take a glance at these wonderful new styles!

Blue & inexperienced color Block

This is a wonderful look with 2 contrastive colors that really look pretty cool along. The nails ar divided in 0.5 by the fabulous sapphire blue and therefore the wonderful inexperienced shimmer at the ideas.

Lavender with Asymmetrical Gold Tips

This is a glamourous look however additionally a refined one, once done on a pale pastel shade base as shown within the image. the beautiful lavender during this image is extremely soft and pretty. however lidded with the sudden deep gold chevron at the ideas, the planning becomes refined and extremely enticing.

Reverse French Manicure

Here’s a good new nail design! It’s a kind of reverse of the everyday French Manicure, that has white tips. during this version, you paint a white base on your nails and once it’s dry, you cowl it together with your main color, deed a clever white margin round the base and aspect of the nails!

The Cute black tie Look – simple nail style for brief nails

How cute ar these peach nails adorned with deep purple black tie tips? you simply got to do 2 brush strokes for every tip and you’ve got a wonderful fun look in fast time!

Black Line Tips

And here’s another version showing however effective a robust distinction are often. the gorgeous shell-pink nails ar finished with a classy black line accentuating the curve at the tip of every nail!

Jin has simply launched her own line of nail varnishes known as JINsoon, that I’m certain goes to be an enormous success for her. thus relish experimenting together with your own color ideas for these altogether stylish, nail style ideas!

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Acrylic Nail Designs for 2015 – 2016 .

This web log covers many acrylic nail styles, beginning with cute and easy rainbow designs. The second video shows the way to apply Black Lace onto nails and also the last video could be a gallery of wonderful big day designs!
thus I hope there’s one thing to suit everyone here:

Rainbow style on white base

The first style may be done on French Manicured acrylic nails and options millions of bright colors, to cheer you up within the dark, winter days!

You’ll need:
Base and prime coat
Base of French Manicure
White, red, yellow, green, blue and glitter polish
Coloured rhinestones (optional)
Fine-point brush
Acrylic liquid
Red, yellow, inexperienced and blue acrylic powder

Apply base coat and base color of white.
Then take every separate cosmetics color and paint a snakelike line across your nails e.g. blue at the tip, then green, then yellow, then red thus you finish up with a reasonably rainbow impact. Leave to dry.
Don’t worry if the lines aren’t anyplace close to excellent, as a result of once you apply following step, they’ll look nicely intermingled.
Apply the glitter cosmetics over the rainbow section of every nail.
And that offers you bright and cheerful rainbow nails!

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Nail Design Ideas for Party Glamour For summer 2015 .

If you don’t have time to induce your nails done professionally before a special event, don’t worry, there square measure countless fabulous nail style ideas that square measure straightforward to try to to at home!
Here’s one in every of our current favourites – a marbleised look while not tools!
(The solely distinction is that with gel-nails, they need to be ‘cured’ below a special light-weight|ultraviolet illumination|UV|actinic radiation|actinic ray} light.)
Gold, Pink, Purple & Glitter – No Tools Marble impact

Paint on an honest quality base coat. this may build your manicure last longer and forestall any ‘yellowing’ of your natural nails.
Then apply one in every of the newest bimetal cosmetic colors, during this video we tend to square measure victimization glamourous gold cosmetic.
Apply one or 2 coats, till you have got an honest dense base of gold color.
Let it dry utterly, before you begin on the edible fat impact.
Now for the fun part! Dab on some pink, purple and glitter polish in random dotted ‘smudges’ on your golden nails. (See the video below for specifically what to try to to.)
Then offer the ‘colour smudges’ time to dry utterly.
Top tip: Don’t build the smudges too thick or they’ll take hours to dry!
And then all you wish to try to to is to hide your marbleised nails with a top quality prime coat to seal your inventive nail style and you’re all able to party!

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