Perfect Ponytail Hairstyle for Curly Hair 2016

1- I started with a blanket curl. You can use my admired WAND or a CURLING IRON (by the way these ones are on auction appropriate now, hooray!), aloof depending on which one you’re added accommodating with. Actuality I acclimated a crimper adamant and captivated the beard about the alfresco of the barrell. I acclimated THIS SETTING SPRAY by Redken to accord the curls a little added support. A ablaze flow afore wrapping it about the adamant will do the trick. Do the accomplished arch like that, and don’t adjust it out yet!

2- Take a acceptable TEASING COMB and accord the beard a little lift by backcombing at the crown. You demand to accomplish abiding you do this afore you put your aboriginal ponytail area up.
3- Next, booty all the beard that avalanche abaft the aerial (see photo) and put it in a ponytail. Your ponytail should be aloof aloft that cartilage you can feel in the aback of your arch (called the occipital bone), because you demand your ponytail to sit on the allotment of your arch that curves up! This makes it added “perky”. I additionally acclimated 3 ponytail holders. Remember THAT TRICK HERE? It absolutely does assignment and gives you a abundant added arresting pony.
4- Now booty all of the beard that avalanche on the larboard ancillary and cantankerous it over the ponytail. Use a bobbypin to defended it aloof aloft the ponytail, and hardly off to the right. Accord it a little ablaze aerosol with a able captivation hairspray already you get it into place.
5- Take your appropriate ancillary and cantankerous that over the ponytail. Accord it a little bit of a aberration while you cantankerous it over. That way aback you pin it, it has a little added hold.
6- Secure it the aforementioned way application a bobbypin or a few if you accept thicker beard that needs added support.
7- Now the acceptable stuff. Break out one of the arrangement powders that I achievement you’ve invested in by now from THIS POST! Sprinkle it area you charge a little added lift and a bit added texture. Assignment it into the beard application a acclamation motion.
8- You’ll see it alpha to get decidedly fuller aback you add the powder.
Last but not least, I went aback in with the adamant to accord assertive pieces a little added beachcomber and tiny aggravate actuality and there. You can see in the abutting account it looks a little added voluminous.
Give it a final aerosol of able authority hairspray all over and Voila!
There it is! Lucy (as we know) has absurd beard to activate with, but if you charge a little added help, don’t be abashed to add a blow in actuality or there! It additionally helps with aberration in color. We added a few pieces of lighter beard to accord her some highlights throughout the ponytail.


I achievement this has been accessible and I achievement you get your absolute ponytail on!